Kevan has received an update from the County Durham Director of Public Health which is available below:

Dear all,

I would like to update you in relation to Covid19 data and cases. We are in the process of developing a daily dashboard which will provide further timely data that can be utilised with residents and to ensure you are up to date.

At present we have a public facing dashboard available on Durham Insight here (open for anyone to access). This is updated daily, however there is a slight time lag to it. and content includes a front-page summary for the North East with more detailed pages for County Durham, Darlington. We also embedded the ONS produced MSOA 7-day cases map that’s publicly available. This is therefore always up to date and reflects the latest data released by ONS for public consumption (today it’s showing the 11th to 17th of September). This does not have ward level data and we are looking into where ward level data is reported.

The public facing dashboard highlights our 7-day rate of cases to be 45.4 per 100,000 up to 15th September which was an increase from 26.8 the previous week.

However understandably you will want data that is as up to date as possible.

I have included some further data below which we will be drawing into the daily dashboard.

We have seen an increase in our cases in recent days with 57 on the 17th, 49 on the 18th and 48 on the 19th though these will not be reflected in our rates as yet though we can anticipate it to increase.

We have also seen an increase in our positivity rate from tests up to 3.4%.

We are now seeing an increasing number of cases and small clusters in schools and households. This is in addition to the larger outbreaks we have experienced in social clubs. This all points to community transmission and cases can now be seen across County Durham.

This is reflected in the heat map below, which is accurate up to 21st September. You will see from the key that the yellow reflects places with the highest number of cases.

It is hoped that the new interventions can prevent further spread, however we will need to monitor cases very closely.

We will ensure that the more detailed daily report is available later this week.

I hope this is helpful,

Best wishes


Amanda Healy, FFPH
Director of Public Health