Kevan has been contacted by the Premier League about the work that they are doing to support communities, and to help families to entertain and educate their children from home:

The Premier League recognises the important role it can play in supporting the public during these unprecedented times – our Clubs have already stepped up to support the most vulnerable in their communities and every day we are hearing of more offers of support, utilising the unique resources and connection to their communities our Clubs have. We will continue to share information with you of how Clubs can support your communities in order to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from their support. For a roundup of this activity please visit

One of the key areas for the Premier League is how we can support families looking for ways to entertain and importantly, educate their children. Our Premier League Primary Stars team have been working hard to adapt our online education resources, currently used by over 40,000 primary school teachers in over 16,000 primary schools, to be available to parents and families, with no need for registration.

Everyone across the UK can access the free educational resources via website – link also in our latest tweet

Primary Stars resources aim to inspire children to learn and stay active and can help add structure to their day at home. These online resources cover English, Maths, Physical activity and Health and wellbeing for five to 11-year-olds. The education videos and learning packs feature Premier League stars and mascots and there are also games and activities to help keep learning fun, enjoyable and active! We will continue to add to this content on a daily basis so there is always something new for parents to help support them with ideas, games and some fun activity.

We do hope you can share this with your constituents and should you have any questions or would like any more information about how and where the League and our Clubs can support please do get in touch.

With very best wishes in these challenging times.