On Thursday (13 July), I spoke in Westminster Hall about the management culture at Post Office Ltd.

As constituents may know, there is an ongoing inquiry into the Post Office Horizon scandal, which saw innocent, upstanding members of the community being prosecuted, bankrupted and, in some cases, sadly taking their own lives.

I was shocked that the inquiry was suspended recently because the Post Office had failed to disclose documentation to it. I was also outraged by the recent revelation that ludicrous bonuses had been awarded to Post Office executives when we are still fighting over compensation for victims of the Horizon scandal.

There is a lot of anger, quite rightly, among sub-postmasters, sub-postmistresses and their supporters, not only about what has happened in the past. There are some clear governance issues. I know there are calls for the current board of the Post Office to be sacked I agree with that. We also need a fundamental change in the way the Post Office is structured and operated.

You can watch my speech in full here.