This afternoon (Monday 13 November) I responded to the Government’s programme for the year ahead, which was outlined in last week’s King’s Speech.

For the most part I think the speech lacked content and vision. In my response in the House of Commons I raised the Government’s failure to include long overdue reform of the Mental Health Act. This was a manifesto promise by the Government and I share the disappointment of many that this has been broken.

I also spoke about transport, where the Government has been letting us down for a long time, the smoking ban and leasehold reform. Leaseholders have been waiting for change for many years and it is frustrating that the Government’s plans do not go far enough.

In conclusion, I spoke about proposals to update investigatory powers. As a member of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, I agree that powers for the services that keep us safe need to be kept up-to-date, as do the safeguards that go alongside them.

You can watch my full speech here: