On 25th October, during Prime Ministers Questions, Kevan spoke out about unacceptable delays facing families in North Durham for autism assessments.

He asked Theresa May:

“The Prime Minister has spoken on mental health, and I thank her for that. When she was Home Secretary, she outlawed police cells being used for those in mental health crisis. Today, however, parts of our mental health system are in crisis. In my North Durham constituency children, young people and families are waiting two years for autism assessments. The Secretary of State agrees that that is unacceptable. What is the Prime Minister going to do to turn her well-intentioned statements on mental health into action.”

The Prime Minister replied, saying that the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, “has promised to look into this and will be doing so.

This was following Kevan’s question to the Health Secretary on the same issue during Health Questions the previous week.

Kevan is also jointly supporting a motion for the House of Commons to consider the support available for autistic people experiencing mental health problems.

To watch a clip of Kevan’s question to the Prime Minister, click on the link below: