Kevan has responded to today’s announcement that MP’s Office Costs Budgets are to be increased.

Kevan said:

“The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) today announced an increase in Office Costs Budgets which are used to cover the costs of running Members of Parliaments’ Offices.

“IPSA is an independent body and Members of Parliament have no influence over the decisions it makes. This particular decision to increase the Office Costs Budget was decided by IPSA without any consultation with Members of Parliament and I understand it is to cover any additional costs of having to work remotely.

“It is unclear how IPSA arrived at this figure and I personally think it would have been better to have consulted with Members of Parliament as to whether this increase was needed, before making such an announcement.

“As it stands, my Office have prepared well for remote working and I will not be drawing down any extra funding from the increased Office Costs Budget. I take decisions on spending public money very seriously and have always managed my office costs well within the budget that has been set.

“I accept that the way in which IPSA have arrived at and announced their decision is not helpful at this time.

“I am still working hard with my team to respond to everyone who contacts me, but for the foreseeable future the fastest way to contact me is by emailing me at [email protected] or by calling my office on 0191 371 8834.”