During half term, Kevan attended the Animal Action project to enable Looked After Children in Chester-le-Street to meet and learn about animals.

The aim of the project is to promote compassion for animals, help young people build positive relationships with animals and stay safe around dogs, as well as developing children’s understanding about animals’ needs and feelings.

Kevan said:

“I really enjoyed meeting the RSPCA team at Felledge and think that this is a fantastic project to enable Looked After Children to gain an understanding of how to care for animals, including two year old Percy.”

Further information about the animals available for adoption from Felledge are available on their website.

The Animal Action Fun Days were held on the 19th February for primary aged children or 20th February for secondary aged children at RSPCA Felledge animal centre with Education staff, Animal Care Assistants and Dog Behaviour experts. Children were able to meet some of the very special animals which come into RSPCA care, and learn about their journeys from cruelty case to finding their forever homes.

This is a small pilot project which was developed with initial funding from the National Lottery for England and Wales. In 2019, the RSPCA worked with over 114 Looked After Children and their carers in increasing their knowledge about animal welfare and animal behaviour so they can make good choices around animals and ensure that they are happy and healthy.