Kevan Jones, Member of Parliament for North Durham, has been appointed by The Queen to serve as a Commonwealth War Graves Commissioner.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission was established by Royal Charter in 1917, and works to commemorate the 1.7 million Commonwealth service men and women who died in the World Wars.

Mr Jones said: “I am pleased and honoured to be appointed as a War Graves Commissioner. I have long been a supporter of the excellent work the Commission does in remembering our war dead, and am now very much looking forward to the being able to play a central role in that.

“It is vital that work of the War Graves Commission continues to ensure that future generations are able to learn more about the sacrifice made by all those who lost their lives in the World Wars.”

Mr. Jones, who previously served as Minister for Veterans, took up his position on the Commission on 1 October.

Further information on the work of the War Graves Commission can be found at