Statement from The Rt Hon Kevan Jones MP regarding Parliament’s second week of prorogation:

As Parliament enters its second week of prorogation, it remains my view that, in these deeply worrying times, Parliament should be sitting and scrutinising the actions of the Prime Minister.

A sincere and concerted attempt must be made by the Prime Minister to break the impasse that now exists between the United Kingdom and the European Union. And if a renewed deal comes back, I believe that parties should put the country first and sit through the Conference Season in order to work against a no-deal departure.

So far, the Prime Minister has failed to present any new proposals on getting a deal, culminating in the resignation of the Work and Pensions Secretary.

No-deal is not in our national interest. Whilst I accept the result of the 2016 referendum, I will not vote for a Brexit outcome which no-one supported during the referendum campaign and asks working families in our area to take the most pain.

The North-East, is judged to be the most vulnerable region for a potential no-deal Brexit. Our high levels of manufacturing activity and the high percentage of exports of goods to the EU compared with other region leaves us badly exposed to higher tariffs and trade costs.

Whilst I accept that leaving the EU without a deal may appear a clean break, the reality is that, besides the unnecessary economic dislocation this would cause, no-deal would be the start of many years of negotiation conducted from a weaker and more uncertain position. As such, far from constituting a quick and easy fix, no-deal would be the start, not the end and would put us on a long and difficult pathway with an uncertain future.

I will therefore support measures to reinstate Parliament’s power of scrutiny over the Prime Minister and continue to press the Government to outline its strategy for a deal and an orderly exit from the European Union.

If any constituent would like to come and discuss this matter, I am always happy to meet in person to talk further at your convenience.

The Rt Hon Kevan Jones MP