On 20 June, Kevan spoke during the Health Secretary’s statement on the report into deaths at Gosport Hospital.

Questioning the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, Kevan said:

“The legislation regulating both doctors and healthcare professionals is now 35 years old. It is inefficient, outdated and—as I know from a constituency case in which the individual concerned is into the fifth year of her complaint to the GMC—not user-friendly for the complainant. The GMC and other healthcare professionals want change and the Secretary of State’s Department has already consulted on change, so will he give a guarantee that he will bring forward legislation to ensure that the system is not only effective, but effective for patients who make complaints?”

Responding, the Health Secretary agreed that new legislation was needed to address the currently flawed system, saying:

“The right hon. Gentleman is absolutely right: we have a regulatory landscape that is very complex, does not achieve the results we want, and forces regulators to spend time doing things they do not want to do and does not give them enough time for things they do want to do. Obviously, because of the parliamentary arithmetic, if we are able to get parliamentary consensus on such a change, that would speed forward the legislation.”

Click on the following link to read the debate on the Health Secretary’s statement in full: https://goo.gl/oV52Bn