On 5 February, Kevan spoke in the debate on the Police Grant Report.  This is how Parliament approves the central police funding allocation for each force every financial year.

In the debate Kevan said:

“Since 2010—under the Liberal Democrat-Tory coalition and under this Government—Durham has lost 370 officers and 22% of its budget. According to the National Audit Office, that means that it has lost more than any other provincial force.

“The move away from national funding to an increased reliance on the precept, putting the onus on local tax payers, is not only unfair, but will not raise the same amount of money.  Whereas Surrey will benefit from a large increase, deprived communities such as Durham will not be able to raise the same amount.”

To read Kevan’s speech in full and the debate in full click here: http://bit.ly/2UIlYZa