On 12 October Kevan spoke in the Commons debate on Parliamentary scrutiny of leaving the EU, following the June referendum result.

During the debate Kevan said, “I welcome the debate. I agree with my right hon. Friend the Member for Wolverhampton South East (Mr McFadden) when he said that it was rather sad that anyone asking for scrutiny of the Government’s strategy, or lack of it, is being accused of wanting to reverse the decision of 23 June. That is clearly not my position. I can tell the right hon. Member for New Forest West (Sir Desmond Swayne) that what it means to me is that there is no going back, no second referendum and no deals to try to keep us in the EU by the back door.”

“I agree with the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union when he said on Monday that Britain’s mandate to leave the EU was “clear and unarguable”. I agree, but the vote did not give the Government a road map or a vision of what post-Brexit Britain will look like. We now need to get the best possible deal for our ​constituents, to protect their interests and also their livelihoods. That is our duty as elected Members of Parliament.”

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