Kevan Jones, Member of Parliament for North Durham, is urging his constituents today to save money on their household gas and electricity bills and reduce their carbon emissions by taking up the energy efficiency measures that energy companies in the UK offer.

Following an agreement with the government in September 2008, the major energy suppliers are committed to improving the energy efficiency levels of much of the UK’s housing stock to the tune of £3bn. Through this scheme, many vulnerable people have access to free energy efficiency measures. With £1 in every £4 spent on heating wasted due to poor insulation, taking up offers of free home insulation can save you cash and help tackle climate change.

British Gas, for example, offers free insulation to anyone over the age of 70 or on income or disability-related benefits. The other major energy companies have similar offers.

The UK’s housing stock is among the least energy efficient in Europe. The government has therefore introduced the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme which aims to lower the CO 2 emissions from UK households by improving energy efficiency levels

Kevan Jones MP says:

“The best way for people to cut their energy bills is to use less energy. The best way to do that while staying warm and keeping the lights on is to make our homes more energy efficient. Energy companies are committed to providing free loft and cavity wall insulation for their vulnerable customers. People should take advantage of this and during these financially difficult times save money and help save the environment.”

Jon Kimber – Managing Director, British Gas New Energy, says:

“British Gas is spending more than £1bn to help British households become more energy efficient. In the past year, we carried out almost 156,000 free loft and cavity wall installations for our vulnerable customers. We offer a large range of energy efficiency products and services to help people reduce their bills. If customers want to find out more about saving energy, they just need to contact us – our energy experts can provide them with advice on how to cut their energy usage and help them find the products that best suit their needs.”