His Excellency Mr. Derek Leask, New Zealand High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, will arrive today for a visit to County Durham.

One of the highlights of the trip will be a visit to Beamish Museum with Kevan Jones, Member of Parliament for North Durham on Friday (17 February). The visit will commence at 11.45am and will include a Drift Mine tour, a tour of the Town in an Armstrong Whitworth Car, as well as lunch from Davy’s Fried Fish Restaurant.

Mr. Jones said, “I am very pleased to welcome the High Commissioner to County Durham, and particularly to be able to take him to Beamish Museum, one of the outstanding attractions in my constituency.

“The High Commissioner will get a real insight into the cultural history of this area, not to mention an excellent lunch, at Beamish, as well as visiting Durham’s world-renowned Cathedral and University.”

The visit to Beamish will begin at 11.45am with the High Commissioner and Mr. Jones meeting the Director, Richard Evans, at the Regional Resource Centre, and will conclude at 2.45pm.

During his trip, the High Commissioner will also meet the Chairman of the County Council for tea, and visit Durham Cathedral and Durham University. The University will also host a dinner in his honour.