Kevan Jones, Member of Parliament for North Durham, has welcomed the fifth annual VQ Day, a celebration of the millions of people gaining vocational qualifications across the country every year.

VQ Day was held on Wednesday 20 June to recognise the value of vocational qualifications and celebrate vocational achievement, and was marked by events at colleges, schools and businesses across the UK.

Mr. Jones said, “Vocational qualifications provide huge benefits to the UK from improving the skills and careers of individuals to helping to boost our economy. VQ Day highlights their increasing importance while celebrating the millions of people achieving vocational qualifications every year.”

VQ Day is led by independent education foundation Edge, and is supported by the wider vocational education community including examination boards, employers’ organisations, the Association of Colleges and the Association of Learning Providers.

Jan Hodges, CEO of Edge, commented, “Our economy relies heavily on people who carry real practical industry knowledge and skills. Vocational qualifications play a significant and indispensible role in our society and are crucial in building so many UK businesses. Vocational courses offer progression to further and higher education, and a chance for real success for millions of people.”

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