On Friday 18 January, Kevan visited the ‘Keep Well and Warm’ Project at Great Lumley Methodist Church.

As well as running the ‘Heaven’s Kitchen Project’, the Church is also providing fleece blankets, flasks and one-cup kettles to vulnerable people in the community.

Mr. Jones said, “It is reassuring to see that the Surviving Winter campaign operates on a local and national level to support elderly and vulnerable people over the winter months.

“It is a simple yet effective idea, as people are choosing whether to heat or eat. There are some generous people in the North-East who not only donate to the campaign but give up their time to volunteer like the people here today.”

Joanne Fearn, a volunteer children and youth organiser at the church, said: “We aim to reach out to local people who really need our help. With the weather getting colder and energy prices rising, they are more at risk than ever.

“The small relief pack really lifts people’s spirits. Often many older people struggle to make hot drinks when carers are not available.”