Yesterday, Kevan spoke in the House to raise concerns about the emergency legislation and the impact on the mental health act. He also again called for support for self employed people during the Committee Stage of the Bill.

The video is available here:


The Transcript of Kevan’s contribution was published by Hansard and the full text is available below:

“I ask the Minister to look again at the provisions in the Bill around the Mental Health Act 1983. I accept the reasons why having one doctor to free up capacity might be relevant, but could the Minister consider provisions under which one doctor signs and that is reviewed by a second doctor within a day or a very short period? Without that, some very vulnerable people could be left unprotected.

“I accept the reason why elections have been postponed. However, in County Durham, we have a police and crime commissioner by-election due in May because of the death of the PCC. The acting commissioner is only in there for six months, so is there provision to extend his period by up to another 12 months? That will be needed, because the elections will not take place next year.

“Lastly, I urge the Minister and the Treasury to do something for self-employed people.”