Kevan Jones, Member of Parliament for North Durham, will be the Keynote Speaker at the official launch of Stanley Town Council’s ‘Strategic Town Plan 2009-2014. The launch will take place at Stanley Community Centre on Tyne Road from 5.30pm on Wednesday 31st March.

Mr Jones said: “I am very pleased to launch the Strategic Town Plan for Stanley. I have long supported the creation of the Town Council, and am confident that with the launch of the Strategic Plan, the council will be able to make a real, positive difference to the area over the years to come.

“The Strategic Plan gives a clear indication of the issues local people want the Town Council to act on as a priority, and by listening to the views of the local communities, it can provide a valuable service to my constituents, and I wish the Town Council every success in meeting its objectives.”

The Strategic Plan is the result of the Town Councillor’s efforts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the area, and will form the basis of its action over the next four years.